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831b Micro-Captives are currently on the IRS Dirty Dozen List
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Help! My Captive Insurance Company is Under IRS Audit

The IRS Is Coming For Tax Shelters

The IRS Is Coming For Tax Shelters Click to read my latest article in VSCPA.com The IRS is cracking down on certain Tax Shelters at […]

Captive Insurance Plans

Published in Accounting Today

Achieve large tax and cost reductions by renting a “CAPTIVE” Most accountants and small business owners are unfamiliar with a great way to reduce taxes […]

micro-captive audits

Bogus Tax Avoidance Strategies

Micro-captive insurance arrangements: A micro-captive is an insurance company whose owners elect to be taxed on the captive’s investment income only. Abusive micro-captives involve schemes […]

Micro-Captive Audits

IRS Audits Micro-captive Insurance Plans

The IRS has been auditing small captive insurance programs claiming that they are usually not legitimate. IRS officials have urged participants in these abusive micro-captive […]

Taxpayers engaged in Micro-Captive Insurance Arrangements

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Lance Wallach’s Upcoming Webinar Learn the best ways to keep yourself, clients, business owners and even attorneys safe from audits. Lance Wallach, tax expert, has […]

Captive Insurance Risk Alert, Micro-Captive and the IRS

Micro-captive Insurance Companies Beware

Currently, there is a tax provision that allows micro-captive insurance companies – created to provide insurance to small companies that create them – to earn […]

Captive Insurance Risk Alert

Tax practitioners should be cognizant of the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) increasing and focused activity related to micro-captive insurance companies (hereinafter referred to as Captive […]

IRS Audits Micro-Captives

IRS Audits Micro-Captives Shortly after the Internal Revenue Service once again warned taxpayers to steer clear of unscrupulous promoters selling abusive micro-captives. It is part […]

Micro Captive Insurance audit deal from IRS

Micro-captive Insurance Schemes

IRS expands enforcement focus on abusive micro-captive insurance schemes. WASHINGTON — With the October 15 filing deadline quickly approaching, the Internal Revenue Service today encouraged taxpayers […]

IRS to Settle with some under audit for micro-captive insurance plans

IRS Gathers Information on Taxpayers

Since the time when micro-captive insurance companies were placed on the IRS Dirty Dozen list of tax scams, it has also been identified as a […]

CIC Services LLC v. IRS

micro-captive transactions,  A lawsuit arguing that taxpayers are permitted to challenge a Treasury Department reporting requirement without first violating it defies a measure Congress took […]

U.S. Department Of Justice Files Suit

The U.S. Department Of Justice Files Suit To Enforce An IRS Summons Against The Delaware Department Of Insurance For Artex Transactions tax shelters. tax shelters. […]

Captive Insurance Plans

Micro-Captive and the IRS

The IRS correspondence received by taxpayers has caused confusion as to how to respond and whether a taxpayer’s micro-captive insurance arrangement will be respected. Taxpayers […]

Captive Insurance Plans Will Be Audited

Captive Insurance Plans.CIC Services has suggested that the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) “scare tactics” have left businesses unprepared amid the current COVID-19 pandemic. The captive […]

U.S. Department Of Justice Files Suit

IRS Settles micro-captive insurance audits

micro-captive insurance audits Anyone who has received an IRS offer to settle a micro-captive insurance audit should immediately consult an experienced tax lawyer to understand […]

"Group Captives" Insurance Scam

“Group Captives” Insurance Scam

Just a few years ago, captive insurance companies were a hot news item in the arcane world of abusive tax shelters.. Group Captives If you […]

lance wallach

Micro Captive Insurance audit deal from IRS

The IRS is offering a settlement to up to 200 taxpayers currently under audit for abusive micro-captive insurance transactions following three court wins backing the government’s position.

lance wallach

Testimonials – Lance Wallach

Testimonials – Lance Wallach Few of many testimonials for  Lance Wallach Lance Wallach, Thank you very much for providing me with this information. I will review […]

william coulson

Micro-Captive Audits

Key Issues for Micro-Captive  Audits Micro-Captive Audits Micro-Captive Audits Shortly after the Internal Revenue Service again warned taxpayers to steer clear of unscrupulous promoters who sell […]

captive insurance audits

Captive Insurance and the IRS

The IRS continues to heavily scrutinize captive insurance arrangements. Certain captive insurance types have consistently appeared on the IRS Dirty Dozen list. Micro-captives in particular […]