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Testimonials – Lance Wallach

Get the Help You Deserve, Lance WallachTestimonials – Lance Wallach

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Lance Wallach

Lance Wallach, Thank you very much for providing me with this information. I will review it next week and, I’m sure, be in touch. I very much appreciate your help. Testimonials – Lance Wallach

Amanda J. Andrews associate counsel, Legal Division Arkansas Insurance Department

His research and insights have proved right on the money!

Debra Rothberg

“Lance is extraordinarily intelligent. He has few peers, if any, in his area of expertise. I unhesitatingly recommend Lance.”

Gary Lesser, Owner, GSL Galactic Consulting

“Excellent results, Google him”

Larry Wilconsin

Lance is a true expert on VEBA Plans. Five years ago, he took the call of a total stranger, and in doing so, he spent an hour helping me solve my client’s problem. During the past five years Lance consistently is proven to be a valuable resource for me and my practice. He is a warm open person who is willing to invest in others success.

Don Atherton, CEBS, CFP, CLU, Owner, Integrated Benefits Solutions, Inc.

Lance is a wonderful resource, not just in regards to VEBAs, 412’s, abusive plans and IRS codes, but also who and what he knows about certain broker-dealers. I called him about recent changes to 412. He got on the subject of broker-dealers, and he lent me so much of his time to inform me about making the right choice. He is a really great, personable colleague to all in the financial world.

Robert Thomas, Resident Insurance Producer, Independent Consulting

Lance is an expert in little known tax reduction techniques for profitable business owners.

Matthew Tuttle, Owner, Tuttle Wealth Mgmt, LLC

“Lance is perhaps the country’s foremost expert at establishing various kinds of employee benefit programs for companies and individuals and also highly knowledgeable about the programs that do not meet the legal requirements of the Internal Revenue Service. He is a well known author, has spoken at numerous meetings attended by financial services practitioners and is the professional you want on your side when the IRS comes calling.” 

Bill Goodwill


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